Shipping and Returns

Processing & shipping:

Your jewelry is either made from start to finish in our home studio or already curated and packed up ready to be shipped. If your jewelry involves casting, setting, custom options, large quantities it may take your order longer than normal to be completed before being shipped. 

We are located in Dallas, Tx and the weather here is always extreme in either direction which can affect the processing time for each piece and we may have to add 3-5 business days to your order before being shipped. 

If your order is urgent, please contact us first to see if your order can be prioritized.  

All orders are shipped Mondays and Fridays (depending on what your order contains it could be either of these days) If longer processing time is need you will receive an email.

Our work days and hours are Monday - Friday we do not work on the weekends.



To start your own self serve return, please click the link below.