Jewelry Care

What material is your jewelry made from?

All of our material is made out of gold or silver plating over stainless steel, copper, brass or sterling silver.

Is your jewelry water proof or water resistant?

Yes and No while you can shower, workout and sleep with it on, We suggest removing and storing before going into places like the pool (chlorine) or the Ocean (salt water)

How should I care for my jewelry?

Feel free to wear your pieces how often or wherever you like. When storing its recommended to put the jewelry in a baggie, a piece of cloth or napkin and store in a clean, dry place such as a jewelry box or tray.

Is your jewelry hypoallergic?

Yes and its also nickel free, Hypoallergenic means that there is a low risk of causing an allergic reaction. We cannot guarantee everyone will have the same experience. If you have experience any type of reaction in the past its best to stick with solid gold or .925 material.

Will your jewelry turn my skin green?

Not at all, we test each piece to ensure this doesn't happen, BUT everyone's PH is different which can result in some discolorations sometimes with certain pieces. Reach out to us if you have any other questions or concerns.

How long will your jewelry last?

There are a number of factors, from care, your PH and wear and tear on the piece. I can assure you that the materials we use are nothing like back in the day. We take pride in giving you a quality product for you to wear and enjoy for a long time. But we like to be completely honest and transparent so please keep in mind, if you are wanting an everlasting piece of jewelry that cannot be affected by wear, PH or care we suggest Solid gold or solid .925 silver.